Diversity within Architecture

Liu and Co blog

Having spent the last 3 years dealing with Architectural Recruitment needs for practices the breadth of the country one thing I have noticed a lot was how diverse the job of an architect truly is. People can spend a lifetime in architecture and have complete different experiences throughout their careers.

I find this a fascinating part of the industry, and I’m not just talking about working in different sectors. For someone who has spent a life working for a smaller privately owned practice they would of had a completely different experience than someone who has worked for a BDP (for example) or some other huge top AJ100 practice that employs hundreds of people.

This gives the architectural sector a unique sense of diversity and is what makes for a very interesting industry to be a part of. This stark comparison of scale doesn’t however hinder architectural candidates from moving between large-scale practices to smaller ones, in fact this is often experience that smaller practices are looking for and visa versa. This is also the case when practices win work, it is not always the largest and most noteworthy practices that win significant projects, the smaller practices can often offer a more tailored and hands on approach than the larger practices can and this can put them ahead of the pack.

With it currently being such a busy time in the Architectural industry it’s a pleasure to work with some leading practices and be a part of this Architectural growth the industry is currently experiencing.